Prepare To Feel The Difference.

All Natural Materials. Handcrafted. Zero Compromises.

What’s in the box ?

Each box comes with 14 specially formulated Vaporballs designed to boost your stamina and give you strength. Also included are 14 patches and alcohol wipes.

The Best Materials

All Vaporballs are made from all natural herbs. That’s a promise.

Privacy Is Important

Discreet box and shipping to your door.

So? What’s the treatment?

Our solution is a specially formulated holistic Vaporball™. When placed at your navel (belly button) it emits healing vapors that pass through the skin stimulating the vital sex organs. After a period of use of two weeks, you’ll be ready to perform.

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Why the Vaporball™ is different.

All Natural

The Vaporball™ is made with all natural herbs.

Long Lasting

A 2 week application improves performance up to 6 months. 


Unlike traditional medications that have dangerous side effects, Vaporball™ is 100% safe and side-effect free.

Frequently asked questions

About the Vaporball™

Why is called the Vaporball ?

Well, to be honest, the ball emits vapors, hence, Vaporball

How big is the Vaporball?

It’s about the size of a gumball.  It’s designed to fit on top or inside your navel (bellybutton).

What's in the Vaporball?

The Vaporball is comprised of all natural herbs and natural inorganic compounds. We believing in helping your body recover in a natural way, not with synthesized chemicals.

How does the Vaporball work?

To put it simply, the vapors slowly diffuse across your skin and are absorbed into your body. The vapors over the course of 14 days stimulate your prostate, re-energizing it allowing you to have greater stamina and strength.

Where can I buy it?

We are currently in preproduction, join our preorder waitlist and you’ll be notified when preorders begin.

Will it be available in my country for sale?

While we’d love to help every man on the planet in increasing their performance and boosting their stamina levels in the bedroom. We currently will only be selling in the United States as of right now.

How to use the Vaporball™

How do you use it?

When you receive the package, there will be 14 Vaporballs in the box, adhesive patches, and alcohol wipes. Before you go to bed at night, prepare your navel (belly button) with the alcohol wipes. Place a Vaporball in your navel. Finally, place a patch over your navel and that’s it!

Remove the ball in the morning and throw away, repeat the process until all 14 balls are used.

How long does it take to work?

2 weeks for the vapors to be fully effective. You can expect stronger erections, increased performance, and stamina.

Do I need to do some manscaping on my belly area?

While we strongly encourage you to shave your belly button area before applying the patches. It is not required. Just know you will have a small waxed area around your navel if you don’t shave.

Can I engage in sexual activities while I'm on the Vaporball?

Customers ask about this topic all the time, and the answer is this, it depends. We strongly encourage you to abstain from sexual activities during your 2 week use of the Vaporball so that everything can be healed.

Once you have finished using all the Vaporballs, feel free to resume your sexual activities to your heart’s content. That being said, if you want to have sexual activities during while using the Vaporball, we won’t stop you, and don’t forget have fun 😉

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